Table of Contents

This page documents all historical posts for the 'Genemonkey Explains' blogsite.  Ideally, posts should be read in order to assist in developing your DNA analysis skills.

  • DNA Research Framework Modules - Chromosome Analysis

  • Exercises to help build chromosome analysis skills
    • GEDmatch - Exercises to understand the difference between 'shared matches', 'overlapping vs shared segments' and 'triangulated segments'. First published 7 September 2021.
    • My Heritage:  Exercise to identify 'triangulated segments' and likely 'triangulated groups'.  First published 21 September 2021.
    • All Sites: Exercise designed to work across all DNA sites, utilising cross site comparisons to expand 'potentially' triangulated groups for research to find the MRCA.  First published 19 October 2021.

  • Family Tree Maker and DNA
    • Keeping track in your tree : Part 1 - Images.  First published 17 October 2021.
    • Keeping track in your tree : Part 2 - Filters.  First published 26 January 2022.
    • Keeping track in your tree : Part 3 - Citations.  Practical Guide for DNA Source Citations, adapted for Family Tree Maker, February 2021.

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